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Founding Members

Gabe Carlin

Executive Director

[email protected]

is a sound designer, props designer, and lighting designer who strives for realism and creating a narrative with his designs. He is a recent graduate of University of Oregon where he focused on sound and lighting design. He served as Technical Director for the Pocket Playhouse (a student-run theatre space) and designed numerous shows in both the Pocket and on the University’s main stages. He now works as the sound engineer for Oregon Contemporary Theatre and designs many of their shows.

David S. Gallagher

Artistic Director

[email protected]

is a playwright and director focused on creating new works that involve artists from many walks of life. He has studied and utilized the "trigger" method of creating performances. This method emphasizes listening, processing, and reacting in real time, instead of focusing on rote memorization and pre-planned blocking. A graduate of the University of Oregon, David wrote and directed student plays in the Pocket Theater including Rolling for Charisma a one-act inspired by role-playing games and its players. He also assistant directed faculty shows like Ecstasy, a water fable which beautifully intertwined the stories of three characters, separated by time, but brought together by cultural roots. David's experience has brought an extreme appreciation for the actors and writers who created great performances through collaboration, and the technical artists who utilized their skill to take simple ideas and make them marvelous.

Echo Johnson

Financial Officer

[email protected]

is a designer and stage manager who desires to give a voice to her fellow artists as well as people in her community. Echo graduated from the University of Oregon where she studied many different aspects of theatre and focused greatly on lighting design and stage managing. She has worked on various shows with companies such as Oregon Contemporary Theater, Free Shakespeare in the Park, The Very Little Theater, and the University of Oregon Theatre. Throughout her theatre career she has found that theatre is a wonderful medium for bringing important topics to light as well as giving artists the chance to express themselves. Echo wants to keep giving people the opportunity to make their voice heard in a world where it is so easy to get lost.

Juliet D. Rutter

Company Producer

[email protected]

is a director, choreographer, playwright, actor, dramaturg, and properties designer who works to portray current, relevant stories on stage in impactful and striking ways. While Juliet is currently a masters’ student at the University of Oregon, studying arts administration, their bachelors’ degree was in theatre (2016). During that time, Juliet learned how to function in multiple areas of theatre so that they might be able to better understand the process through which all manner of artists are able to tell one story together. Juliet has written, directed, and choreographed two shows in The Pocket Student Theatre and they have won two awards from the Kennedy Center American Colligate Theatre Festival in dramaturgy (2015) and prop design (2016). They also served on the student board for The Pocket Student Theatre from 2015-2016 as the Prop and Costume Liaison between the board and the University Theatre faculty. Most recently, they have been doing work with Brave Umbrella, working on their masters, and volunteering on the Arts Integration Steering Committee for the City of Roseburg.

Other Staff

Danni Sempere

Director of Marketing/Communications

[email protected]

Danni is a graduate of the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts in education. She helped Brave Umbrella during their first staged production and, during that time, fell in love with the company’s mission and approach to theatre. As an educator, and lover of art, she hopes to get more young people involved in theatre.


Director of Security

[email protected]

Addi is almost 2 years old, lives in Eugene in a house with a great big yard that she can spend her spare time frolicking in. When she is not frolicking, she is either sleeping on her picnic table, chasing tennis balls, or swimming in rivers. Addi is head of security for Brave Umbrella, and she is doing a great job keeping the founders safe. She came highly recommended from Danni. "Addi keeps our house very safe, she always lets us know promptly if there is a strange person or animal outside."