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Past Projects

Temporarily Ever After -- June 2018

Written by Grant Thackray

Fennel works at (TRU)LUV-KISS, a phone hotline in the land of fairy tales. She spends her days taking calls from characters who need help breaking curses and fixing other magical mishaps. Although Fennel helps wishes come true, this job isn’t her fairy tale wish. She is at her wit’s end when she assists Jack, who repeatedly calls the hotline to curse himself. With the help of her office mates, Edelweiss the fairy godmother and the office Magic Mirror who speaks in rhyme, Fennel must take action in order to make her own dreams come true and keep Jack alive.


Mara Tandowsky (Fennel)

Zepha Wright (Edelweiss)

DJ Bell (Magic Mirror)

Sebastian May (Jack)

Design Team

David Gallagher (Director)

Gabe Carlin (Set Designer)

Juliet Rutter (Properties master)

Echo Johnson (Lighting Designer)

Gordon McFarland (Sound Designer)

Danni Sempere (Costume Designer)

To Own a Dali -- October 2018

Written by David Gallagher and Juliet Rutter

This piece is about 5 people who attend a festival where characters explore different types of relationships- with no judgement towards being polyamorous, monogamous, or single. The show is broken up into dialogue scenes and performance pieces. The dialogue scenes take place as the characters discuss different romantic relationships through symbolic conversation. For instance, if you love a piece of artwork, you purchase it and care for it in your home - but can you truly own it? Or does each persons' unique interpretation of art make ownership an illusion? The performance pieces juxtapose each dialogue scene and include movement and/or dance.


Sam Bridgnell (Jaime)

Aimee Hamilton (Alex)

Courtney Roberts (Morgan)

Juliet Rutter (Sean)

Becca Blanchard (Drew)

Design Team

Gabe Carlin (Director/Technical Director)<

David Gallagher (Stage manager/Sound designer)

Juliet Rutter (Set designer/Properties master)

Echo Johnson (Lighting/Costume designer)

Aaron Carter (Choreographer)