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Our Mission

To create bold theatre that excites contemporary artists and audiences. We strive to explore new works, ideas, and ways of approaching old concepts.


Brave Umbrella Productions is a new theatre company started by four friends who met in the theatre department at the University of Oregon. David Gallagher, Echo Johnson, Gabe Carlin, and Juliet Rutter have worked on many projects together at the University, as well as crossing paths on local community stages.

Brave Umbrella Productions has set out to bring new audiences to the world of theatre. As a company, they strive to create a theatrical experience which encourages deep thought and paves the way for discussions of current societal issues.


  • To create and showcase new and original works
  • To make unique productions
  • To interest new and younger audiences in theatre
  • To push boundaries and not wait for permission
  • To allow for improvisation
  • To normalize the weird